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Posted by Deborah Schilling on 4/27/2017

When you’re buying a new home, one of the first things that you’ll examine closely in the home search are the kitchens. The kitchen is often the center of most homes. It is also one of the most expensive rooms to renovate. People tend to gather in the kitchen. This makes the kitchen a heavily weighted factor in the home buying process. Whether you’re buying your first home or you’re a seasoned home-buyer, the kitchen is an important room to consider because of how much you’ll be using it. Think of the following items with follow up questions when you’re searching for a home with a great kitchen. Some items have less impact on your buying decision like the color of appliances. However, you don’t want to be stuck with a refrigerator taht you can’t stand to look at.


Are they in good condition?

Are they the color and material you’d like?

Can they be restored?


Are they made of high quality material?


Note the color and material of the floor

Note the condition of teh floor


How old is the stove?

Does it function well?


How old the refrigerator?

Does it work well?

What color is it?


How old is it?

What color is it?

What is the size and wattage of the microwave?


What is the color and make of the dishwasher?

Does it function well?

How old is the dishwasher?

Garbage Disposal

Do you want a garbage disposal?

Does the home have one?

How old is the unit?

Does it function well?

All of these things are great areas of concern to consider in a home search when looking at the kitchen. You should note any problems with any of these areas. Finding out how much needs to be fixed or replaced as well as the cost of these repairs could be a deciding factor in your home selection. Keep in mind some things are easier and less expensive to replace and repair than others. Countertops in particular can be really expensive to replace. Other items like cabinets are easy to touch up and refinish. Material quality often matters as well. Remember that some more expensive materials stand the test of time whereas cheaper alternatives may need to be replaced often. Sellers are often required to disclose functionality issues with any appliances in the home before the closing papers are signed as well.

It’s important to conduct your own assessment of the kitchen in addition to home inspections and seller’s reports. This way you have seen the issues that you may have in front of you with your own eyes. There’s no better assessment of a home’s condition than your own! Hopefully, these tips will help you to find a home with a kitchen that is right for you!

Deborah Schilling