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Posted by Deborah Schilling on 11/10/2016

Are you planning a family summer vacation? Transporting your fishing gear packed under a heavy canoe on the top of your vehicle would more than likely result in damage and breakage to your rod and reel. Hopefully, you are aware of the potential problem and avoid packing it in this manner. There are safe ways to transport your computer too. If you must bring along your computer and electronic gear, transportation-related mishaps are 100 percent preventable. Laptops And Handheld Electronic Devices Always carry your laptop in a padded case to protect against accidental damage if dropped. A padded sleeve in your backpack is an ideal location to stash your laptop, tablet or smart phone. A waterproof case is essential if you will be near water. It isn’t worth risking damage from exposure to the elements. A padded case is far less expensive than having to repair or replace your laptop because you did not take the necessary precautions. Never stack anything heavy on top of your electronic gear when packing up for your trip. If you have a tendency to be careless with your gear, a hard-sided case is a prudent investment. Never, ever have liquid close to your electronic gear or gadgets. If you spill soda or your water bottle, the cost to repair your tech can put a big dent in the budget. If you must have your phone with you when participating in outdoor activities such as hiking or biking, a wrist strap attached to your cell phone can prevent the phone from hurtling through the air and smashing on a rock. A wrist strap is also a good idea for any handheld device such as binoculars or a camera. There is no need to power-down tablets or cell phones, except to conserve battery life. If you are recreating in a remote area, a portable solar charger can provide plenty of power to stay connected to the outside world. However, it is important to shut off the power to your laptop when transporting. Simply pushing the power button or closing the cover does not shut your laptop down completely. One jolt or bump can “wake-up” the hard drive and cancel the “sleep” mode. When this happens, your faithful laptop will begin searching for data making damage more likely to occur. Remember, all your videos, photos and data are stored on the hard drive, so treat it gently. Protection From The Elements Dust, pollen, rain, or snow carried on the wind, can wreak untold damage on delicate components. Protect electronic equipment by encasing in a sealed plastic bag during transport and when not in use. Heavy-duty construction grade plastic trash bags are handy way protect from airborne contaminants, Secure in place with Velcro webbing straps available for purchase online or from local luggage stores. When transporting a desktop, monitor or printer, place in a padded protective case, cover with a pillow and place on the car seat. Secure with a seat belt. Always unplug all cords to prevent damage to the delicate parts that the cords connect to.

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