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Posted by Deborah Schilling on 4/6/2017

You don't have to live in a tropical climate to appreciate the design of a large front porch. In the Southern part of the United States, a wraparound front porch is a sign of prestige. Large front porches are also a mainstay of some Midwest, West and Northeastern houses. Couples met and dated right on the front porch generations ago.

Designing a beautiful front porch is easier than you may think

Families brought holiday gatherings onto the front porch too. Depending on where you grew up and your family traditions, you may take it as a given that all porches are designed with furniture that's nearly as stylish as furniture you find inside a house.

It's not necessary to have a big front porch to add more style to the very first room of your house. Great ways to add style to a porch, regardless of size includes:

  • Layering wood porch floorboards with large rustic rugs. Opt for rugs that run the length of your porch, but, leave blank space on the sides of the rug, showcasing your wood floorboards. When it comes to the rugs, think oranges, reds and greens.
  • Install a swing to the far right or left of your front porch. If you go with wood floorboards, consider installing a wood swing.
  • Intersperse a porch sofa and two to three chairs with tall plants. You'll get more design with the plants if you put the plants in large, marble or ceramic vases that are etched with original designs.
  • Go with a simple look by placing two rocking chairs and a small round coffee table on your porch. For added comfort, replace the coffee table with two wooden storage units. Use the units to store magazines and newspapers in and to serve as foot rests.
  • Opt for front porch furniture that is padded. If the padding is covered in thick plastic, you can keep the furniture outdoors into the start of winter.
  • Situate front porch furniture so that it invites robust conversations. In other words, place chairs around a table, so people face each other while they sit in the chairs.
  • Screen in your front porch, keeping insects out. This makes it that much more inviting to sit on the porch during warm weather and at night.
  • Compliment porch furniture colors with ceramic, wood and rustic artwork. Flowers are also fantastic at highlighting color.
  • Even if you don't choose front porch furniture that's padded, you can give yourself and your guests comfort by placing decorative pillows on porch chairs.

To keep your front porch furniture looking new, store the furniture in the garage or basement during winter. Also, put the furniture away when it is especially stormy. This is a time when having plastic sofa and chair pads helps. Yet, even the pillows need to be protected and brought indoors during heavy snow, rain and ice seasons. Wiping porch furniture down a couple of times a year is another way to extend the life of front porch furniture.

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Deborah Schilling